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I have worked professionally in almost every aspect of the production process, and now combine these disparate threads of knowledge into a cohesive whole to lead teams from idea conception through to delivery, or when a team is not feasible, I can pitch, write, light, direct, shoot, edit, animate, composite graphics and deliver a project by myself, on time and under budget. My knowledge of each step of the process allows me to cohesively talk clients through the work during the pitch or brief, and then shape their expectations of what will happen along the way. This also allows me to troubleshoot any potential problems in a production, or to step into an existing project with a clear idea of what needs to be resolved.


I have operated on numerous live music productions for television and DVD release, as well as several advertisements and promotions for companies such as Disney.

I began my career as an assistant in the camera department of MTV Studios in Camden, and subsequently freelanced for every major broadcaster in the UK and Ireland, covering studios, outside broadcasts, live and prerecorded shows. 

In the past year, I have been taking on more roles as a gimbal and camera operator, lighting camera operator, DV Director, and 2nd Unit DOP.

Although I continue to work as an assistant, as it affords an excellent opportunity to learn from seasoned operators and DPs while I perfect my craft, I tend to focus on single camera productions, or as part of the Jimmy Jib crew on multi-camera jobs.


In 2018, I began focusing more on working in the film industry, and acted as 2nd Unit DOP on two low budget features, as well as a Jimmy Jib Technician on a medium budget feature.

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I am fortunate enough to be able to travel a lot for work, and when I am not moving around for a production, I try to see the places that no-one has yet hired me to shoot in. During 2016, I covered the entire length of Ireland, a significant chunk of the UK, pockets of Spain, Slovakia, the United Arab Emirates and Germany, and the customs officials in the Italian airports grow tired of seeing me. I am learning to speak Italian, but make no claims of mastery yet.

I spend a significant chunk of my free time reading, and regularly vary my choices between exciting text books about cinematography and dry text books about cinematography. I try to watch as many movies as I can, but a recent obsession with director's commentaries has taken the edge off it somewhat. I like to think I play videogames, but unless they are under six hours long, they invariably end up as expensive shelve ornaments. Sometimes I go to the gym, but not as often as I tell people. I am no fun at parties.


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